About Us

Who are Bennani Bakes?

I have been meaning to write this blog post for a while. And because I am now stuck at home during this quarantine, I have no excuse! I wanted to write this to properly introduce what Bennani Bakes is, who we are, and why I made this a thing. So, if you’re interested, keep on reading!

The girl behind the camera

My name is Fairuz, the girl behind the camera, and I started the Bennani Bakes Instagram page back in August 2017. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! It all started with my love for photography and taking pictures of ANYTHING I saw in front of me. I quickly realised that the best photos I would take was that of…food. In 2015 I had a whole album in my phone dedicated to pictures of deliciously home cooked food. Anytime my mom would bake, I would rush to my phone to quickly snap a photo, just to have it saved in my gallery.

I always dreamed of having a professional camera to practice my love of photography, and, in 2016, my parents kindly gifted me a Canon camera (I cried in front of all my friends) and since then I have become obsessed. I am not afraid to say I am not the best food photographer and notice many flaws and mistakes in my photos, but it’s a learning experience that I enjoy. I spent many months wanting to start the Instagram page to showcase mamas beautiful and delicious food, but I was afraid of not gaining any followers, or any interest from people. I then realised I won’t know what will be unless I try, and so in 2017 I finally got the courage to make the page – which I am so grateful for.

Meet the bakers

So, who are we? We are the Bennani family, originally from Libya but living in Ireland. In terms of baking, we are 3 girls being trained by our beautiful boss- Mama Fifi. Myself (eldest girl), Khulud and Salma (youngest) have all been in the kitchen with Mama since we were kids. We all admire her cooking and baking and try to help as much as we can. I love having the Bennani Bakes account to post and talk about the many different cakes, pastries and savoury dishes that mama makes. It’s also a way for me to show people of different cultures the variety of desserts and dishes that comes from a Middle Eastern kitchen! The beautiful dishes featured on our page are mainly Mama Fifi’s creations, with occasional features of dishes made by us girls.

Mama Fifi

If you would ask me who is the best cook/ baker you know, I will not hesitate to say mama! Her food always bursts in your mouth with flavour, and is loved by all our friends who come over. Her sweet creations fill our home on a daily with an aroma we will never forget. Our guests are always in awe of the desserts they eat when they come over for a cup of tea in the afternoon. My mom was born to host and feed, which is something she has trained us for. When I say trained, I mean it. Being in the kitchen with mama is like being in an episode of Masterchef, and we love it.

What should you expect from Bennani Bakes?

We have only recently started this blog, as well as the Facebook page which I know both need work on. With time, you will hopefully find many recipes on the blog as well as some posts like this, where I’m just here for a chat! If there is anything specific you would like to see on any of the platforms, don’t be shy to message us – we love reading and replying to everyone’s messages! Bennani Bakes has become a way for me to practice my love of photography and share with everyone the dishes – both savoury and sweet- that we make at home. Due to many recipe requests, I have also started to post recipes on Instagram stories, and saving them in the highlights section on Instagram for everyone to see. What I love the most is when you guys send me photos re-creating a recipe – it gives me so much joy and happiness to see that people are watching and are using the recipes that my mom has created, it’s the ultimate goal!

So, that’s it from me now! Make sure you are following our Instagram account to keep updated on our baking! And let us know what you think!