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    Top Baking Tips You HAVE To Try

    1.The Eggs & Sugar Trick For any fluffy sponge cake, always whisk the eggs and sugar together EXTREMELY WELL. When I say extremely well, I really mean it. Best thing to do is put a timer on for 5 minutes…

  • focaccia bread

    Focaccia Bread Review

    If you haven’t read our blog post of our top 5 Instagram food bloggers, then go do so now! If you have, then you will know all about Lulukitchenly (Lubna Benhalim). Well, today we wanted to try out one of…

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    Top 5 Insta Bakers To Follow

    Looking for foodies with Insta feeds to make your mouth water? Well you’re in the right place. We, the Bennani Bakes foodies, are here to share our top 5 Insta pages. We are always so interested to see what other…

  • Carrot Cake

    BB’s Divine Carrot Cake

    Carrot cake is one of our all time favourite cakes! Its warmness and burst of flavour makes for the perfect tea time delight. We may be biased, but the combination of spices, velvety cream and fluffiness of this cake is…

  • Pistachio Biscuit Cake

    Pistachio Biscuit Cake

    This is probably our most beloved output of the Bennani kitchen! We find ourselves always opting for this cake – especially when we are hosting guests. This cake has absolutely no flour – shocking, I know! The flour is replaced…