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Focaccia Bread Review

If you haven’t read our blog post of our top 5 Instagram food bloggers, then go do so now! If you have, then you will know all about Lulukitchenly (Lubna Benhalim). Well, today we wanted to try out one of her bread recipes – Basil and garlic focaccia- and give it a review for you guys here! The recipe can be found at:

Focaccia BreadFocaccia is a flat oven-baked Italian bread that is quite similar in style and texture to pizza dough. It can be served as a starter, on the side, or as a sandwich. The toppings of the bread can vary, but the most popular is garlic with herbs. Here, we tried out Lubna’s basil and garlic focaccia, and twisted it up by adding sliced olives and tomatoes on top!

This recipe was super easy to follow through. If you go to her website, you will see that she has a full blog post dedicated to this recipe along with photos of the different steps. If you follow her on Instagram, you will find a focaccia highlight section where she goes through the process through videos and pictures. This was extremely useful for us, as we could compare our focaccia texture and consistency with hers during each step.

When preparing and making the bread we decided to use the blog, and if we needed to cross reference the texture and consistency, we would go to her Instagram highlights. In her blog post, she has the ingredients and instructions in both English and Arabic which we found very helpful. The whole method was easily understood and easy to follow. Our only issue was for the kneading process, she says to add water gradually until it forms a soft dough but didn’t specify the exact amount. We were worried at this point to add too much or too little water. We ended up adding about ½ cup, which was perfect! By looking at her Instagram highlights we could tell that the consistency of our dough looked the exact same as hers. We have to admit, the quantity of ingredients Lubna has specified are spot on!

Dough process

The preparation time did not take long at all, however there are 3 resting periods for this dough. This was fine for us as we were home all day studying, but just something to keep in mind if you are thinking of making it! The first resting period was 3 hours, the next was an hour or 2 and the last was about 30 minutes. 

We decided to add a BennaniBakes twist to this recipe by adding sliced green olives and sliced cherry tomatoes on top of the focaccia. We did this during the topping stage, before baking it in the oven. We highly recommend this topping combo!

focaccia breadIs there anything we would change about this recipe? No. The recipe,
measurements and method was perfect! We split this recipe into 2 trays, with one being thicker than the other. We found that the thinner one was a lot more flavourful, and so the only recommendation we have is to thin out the dough when pressing it into the baking tray.

The focaccia bread smelt, looked and most importantly tasted delicious!The basil and garlic along with the olives and tomatoes on top gave it a very Italian feel. We served this bread as a side with homemade mushroom soup.

It was loved by everyone! I would highly recommend you try out this recipe. This definitely won’t be the last time we bake it!

Focaccia Bread | Recipe Review | Bennani Bakes

Bennani Bakes review Lulukitchenly's delicious basil, garlic and tomato focaccia bread! Read more to find out experience and thoughts of baking this bread!

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