Top 5 Insta Bakers To Follow

Looking for foodies with Insta feeds to make your mouth water? Well you’re in the right place. We, the Bennani Bakes foodies, are here to share our top 5 Insta pages. We are always so interested to see what other delicacies people bake and cook in their homes and the different cuisines they represent! Whether you want to try new recipes, get inspired or just drool at the amazing pictures, we definitely recommend following our top 5 Insta bakers.

  1. @Lulukitchenly
Screenshot of @lulukitchenly Instagram feed

This Insta page is run by Lubna Ben Halim and is one of the foodie accounts we’ve been following since day 1. From desserts to savory dishes, she’s honestly done it all! If you want to dab your toes into the Mediterranean, more specifically Libyan, cuisine then this is definitely the page to follow. The content on this page is absolutely top notch, not to mention how aesthetically pleasing it is! Lubna provides her followers with brief explanations on traditional foods and step-by-step how-to videos, to not only immerse yourself in the Libyan culture but also try out the recipes yourself. Apart from traditional Arab foods, Lubna also experiments with various breads, biscuits, exotic juices, doughnuts and many many more! And if all of this just isn’t enough, she also has a blog ( where she posts full recipes and step-by-step guides for each of her creations!

2. @thecinnaman

Screenshot of @thecinnaman Instagram feed

Did somebody say ice-cream? We believe ice-cream was made for absolutely every season, whether its sunny, rainy, hail or snow, its ice-cream time. Majed Ali, the man behind this glorious Instagram page, is king of homemade ice cream and a variety of other desserts. Majed is an extremely talented self-taught baker and what we love about his Instagram page is the Middle Eastern twist to each dish he makes, such as his brownie date pudding! Another great aspect to his page is how he caters to all of his viewers by posting all of his content in both Arabic and English. Majed experiments with a variety of flavors to create the most unique and captivating desserts, for example have you ever heard of lime and avocado ice-cream or baklava cinnamon honey ice-cream?! We know, we are drooling too. Apart from ice-cream, he also makes cakes, tarts, pies and cookies (to name a few). If we haven’t convinced you enough, we urge you to check out his page and let his amazing photography and creations do the convincing.

3. @theboywhobakes

Screenshot of @theboywhobakes Instagram feed

Now who said boys couldn’t bake? This Instagram page is run by Edd Kimber, an extremely talented baker and author of “Patisserie Made Simple”. If the fact that he has a book out isn’t convincing enough, this baker has even won The Great British Bake off in 2010! Edd’s page is definitely one to check out, it is so aesthetically pleasing, and content is posted very regularly so you won’t ever run out of his baked goodness! Edd has perfected various recipes that the majority of us grew up on, such as peanut butter cookies, coffee caramel flan and chocolate biscotti! This is also a great page to follow if you want to grow your knowledge in baking, as every Tuesday is ‘Technique Tuesday’, where Edd shares a new baking technique he’s learnt over the years. We absolutely recommend you check out his Instagram page, you won’t regret it, and if you’re the ultimate foodie, check out his podcast Stir The Pot too!

4. @bakerbynature

Screenshot of @bakerbynature Instagram feed

This page is one for the perfectionists! This page is run by Ashley, whose motto is “a homemade life is a happy life”, and we agree! Ashley’s Instagram page is bursting with beautiful visuals of all our favorite foods, both sweet and savory. After scrolling through her feed for the past 30 minutes, we feel so inspired to get back into the kitchen and try one of her mouthwatering recipes! If you’re looking for inspiration on cupcakes, cakes, scones, cookies, pastas or soups, then this is the page to check out! Honestly ,we couldn’t list out all the things she has baked even if we tried. However, her homemade salted caramel sauce is one we highly recommend you try, it’s just so good! The recipes and techniques for absolutely everything Ashley bakes can be found on her blog, Ashley also produces and sells dessert scented candles, I mean, what more could you want?

5. @Zoebakes

Screenshot of @zoebakes Instagram feed

Our final favorite Instagram page is run by Zoe Francois, a pastry chef and author of 8 cookbooks. All it takes is a quick scroll through her feed to realize that not only is she a talented chef but an amazing artist too! Zoe is very passionate about what she does, since a very young age, and this is so evident in the content she shares. Highlights from this Insta page, in our opinion, include, the S’more Icebox Cake, Toasted Marshmallow Chocolate Cake and The Diva Cake. Our absolute favorite thing about this page, however, is Zoe’s tarts and more specifically, the way she decorates these tartes! They are so beautifully decorated that if we had one in front of us, we would probably just admire it all day, post it on all our socials and then, maybe, eat it! This is definitely a page to keep your eye on!

That’s it for our top 5 Insta bakers! After all that Insta-stalking we have definitely worked up an appetite, it may be time we try out another recipe from an Insta baker! We hope you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to share it with your fellow foodies and follows us on Facebook and Instagram! Stay tuned for our next one & happy baking!


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