Top Baking Tips You HAVE To Try

1.The Eggs & Sugar Trick

For any fluffy sponge cake, always whisk the eggs and sugar together EXTREMELY WELL. When I say extremely well, I really mean it. Best thing to do is put a timer on for 5 minutes and whisk away. This is a key part in creating that fluffy sponge cake you always dreamed of. The mixture should become much more airy and lighter in colour!

2.Grease & Flour Your Tins

Grease AND flour your baking tins- Your cakes will never stick (you can thank me later)! So, how do we do it?  First, cover the bottom of your baking tin with greaseproof paper. Then brush the bottom and sides of your baking tin with a small amount of sunflower oil. Sprinkle some flour all over the bottom of your tin. Finally, tilt and shake the tin to spread the excess flour all over the bottom and sides. If you are baking a chocolate cake, you can substitute the flour with some cocoa powder!


Parchment Paper & Grease

Add Flour to Tin














What is the reason behind this method?

  1. The flour will create a barrier between your cake and grease to prevent the grease from melting into your batter
  2. It makes sure your cake will lift off the pan evenly and cleanly

3.Room Temp Ingredients

Use room temperature eggs and butter for your baking! ‘’Does it really matter?’’ – YES. Room temperature eggs and butter will mix more smoothly into the batter, which will trap a lot of air. When your cake is baking, the air will expand and make your cake more light and fluffy!

4.Fruit & Flour

Mix dried fruit with flour BEFORE adding it to your cake batter- simply to avoid them from floating to the very bottom of the cake!

5.Monitor the Oven Temp

Keep your oven door CLOSED, no matter how tempting it may be to have a peek inside! Opening and closing the oven door can throw off the temperature and ruin your delicious baked goods. By opening the oven door, you let cool air in which can prevent your cake from rising to its full potential! My trick here is to only open the oven door when the cake looks like it has fully risen, which takes practice and experience to spot. If you think the cake looks ready, quickly open the oven door, test the cake with a toothpick / skewer. If it comes out dry- Voila your cake is done! If not, quickly close the oven door and allow it to bake for another few minutes. Patience here is KEY if you want to eat a fully risen, fully baked cake!

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